Hello everyone. The county is making me put my trailer on a concrete pad instead of my driveway. Need free pavers to build a pad.Please if you can help, I'd really appreciate it. You can contact me @ 314 565 2283
Looking for various garden items to re-home... such as a trellis, bench, decorative pots, etc. Thank you! :)
Hello!I'm looking for any unwanted plants and any garden items including trellis, plant stands, benches, garden stakes, lights, decorative pieces, etc. I got back into gardening this year after a 20 year hiatus and I still have a green thumb apparently. It's also been therapeutic for me and helping me with my depression. Anything is helpful and greatly appreciated! Thank you!
I am in search of an unwanted park bench to donate to the Greenwood Cemetery.
My microwave just died, if anyone has one they're getting rid of, it would be greatly appreciated.
Wanted ticket stub from Led Zeppelin concert at the Arena 1975. Ad number: #377728806 Contact: Pete steigelman Phone: 6363526780 City: St Charles Zip: 63301
Not bothered about condition of outside of cassing as long as it's working
I am looking for aquariums folks no longer want or need. Five gallon aquariums in particular suit my needs.
Description: looking for any gearheads looking for antique car truck parts can ship anything worldwide video of junkyard here call donnie at 636-488-5277 http://www.yo...v=4PTaPuSOi7A no 67-69 camaros or rare hemi cars
Looking for various garden items to re-home... such as a trellis, bench, decorative pots, etc. Thank you! :)
Does anyone have any large picture/mirror boxes? We need to mail a mirror to my son in Washington State. The mirror is 32 x 22. Thanks!
Hi. Seeking things for cloth diapering such as diapers, wet bags or pail and pail liner. I already have a bunch of microfiber inserts so I m good on those
Description: 82 83 84 trans am wheels firebird 15 inch if you have the hubcaps too will buy them thanks
Description: if you have anything let me know really wanting to get my car moving fast
Description: I am looking to buy any Lancer parts that you have for sale within reason to add to my car as upgrades. This means that I am looking for performance parts and visual parts only, no stock parts thank you. If you have anything I may take interest in, email me at horizon314@hotmail.com
I would like to make home accessories for my new house by repurposing guitars/parts... of you have some or know anyone that does please let me know! Thanks!
I want to create things! Thank you!
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